Many people wouldn’t be very surprised to hear that Virtual Reality still presents many obstacles. The user has to own a VR device, then they have to download the app… the list goes on. That’s why we chose to integrate WebVR into our product. WebVR is in fact the wrong term in this instance. WebVR […]

Want to create your own Virtual Reality App without expensive App developers or bulky software packages? No problem! With our cloud software you can create, configure and export your VR applications. At the push of a button you can make your software available as a smartphone App, for use in web browsers or for VR […]

Surely reaching a large audience with your own Virtual Reality Apps is certainly cost-intensive and time-consuming? No! From smartphones and browsers to high-end VR headsets – PLAYER360 supports all relevant devices. Our web interface makes it child’s play to bring your VR experience to the public! What does cross-platform actually mean? The phrase cross-platform describes […]

Want to be able to use a VR experience anywhere, present it and not have to worry about an Internet connection? Then an offline function is indispensable. With the PLAYER360, we made sure that this function was particularly easy to use. At trade fairs, on the road or at clients’ premises, there is often no […]

A simple 360° video or photo creates a certain “wow” effect especially for new users. If they also interact with your virtual reality content, for example by intuitively entering new rooms, they truly immerse themselves and start living your experience! Surely quite costly to implement, isn’t it? No! Our team has set itself the task of […]

By using PLAYER360, your project is at the heart of a gigantic cloud infrastructure. Every video or image you upload is automatically optimized. We’ve spent a lot of time selecting the right video codecs and ensuring that the video works optimally on any platform. You do the content, we do the rest! We optimize your […]